RB and Mekies have gold in their hands with drivers: ‘I think they will form a good duo together’

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RB and Mekies have gold in their hands with drivers: 'I think they will form a good duo together'

Laurent Mekies, the team boss of Visa Cash App RB, returned to the team from Faenza for the first time in ten years. In any case, the Italian already has great plans on paper for Red Bull Racing’s sister team, and he also knows that his drivers will probably play a major role in this.

The departure of Franz Tost, the former team boss of RB, also meant that the team had to look for a new leader. 2024 would be all about a fresh start for the Italian racing team, and that also includes a new face. In any case, there is no lack of enthusiasm at Mekies, he also said in conversation with the Italian branch of Motorsport.com.

He immediately felt at home when he returned to Faenza. ‘That was a really beautiful moment. I looked at the organizational chart almost immediately and immediately saw how much talent there is on this team. I still know some colleagues from my previous period with the team, but many new people have also joined. I realized that this team has a solid foundation.’

According to Mekies, the team is ultimately the decisive factor for success. ‘The basic rule is simple: you can never do anything well without the support of your people. As organizations become more professional, it becomes increasingly crucial that your people can get the best out of themselves. We must therefore provide an ideal working environment and appoint the right people in all positions. Then the rest will take care of itself.’

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daniel ricciardo yuki tsunoda visa cash app rb winter test bahrain 2024
Mekies is very happy with Ricciardo and Tsunoda. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)

Driver duo ideal for RB

However, the team does have other drivers behind the wheel this season, Mekies also knows. In any case, the Italian is not worried about the dedication of RB drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda. “I think Ricciardo is above all very motivated and focused,” Mekies emphasized. “We have a driver in our car who works technically at a very high level, and that makes him a real added value to the team.”

Tsunoda can also count on appreciation from his new team boss. ‘Since he started in Formula 1, he has been able to take a big step every season. If he can now take that last step, he can really reach a very interesting level.’ According to the Italian, Tsunoda mainly owes this to the help of the team, although they will now really reap the benefits. ‘I think they will make a good duo together. We just have to wait and see if they perform at their best together.’

Mekies is not yet concerned about the possible final blow that Red Bull Racing may come up with if they want to allow one of the drivers to make an early switch. That happened regularly in previous years, but the team boss is not really thinking about it yet. “That’s all part of the sport,” he explained. “This duo is ideal for our team, but ultimately we realize that preparing young talents for a place at Red Bull is an important goal of our project.”

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