Ransomware: pay or not?

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Netherlands – Your webshop has been blocked, you have lost your customer base. From one moment to the next, your business operations come to a standstill. You can no longer access your files unless you pay: ransomware. As a victim, can you really do nothing other than pay the ransom? Police colleague and PhD candidate at the University of Twente Tom Meurs investigated the figures behind ransomware.

He looked at 481 reported cases of ransomware at the police or specialized companies. The consequences of ransomware are great. However, as an entrepreneur you can limit the risk, the research shows, with a good backup.

Additional backup
Cyber ​​criminals actively search for your backups during a ransomware attack. But thanks to an up-to-date backup on a separate hard drive, such an attack does not have to paralyze your company. If you have saved the data somewhere separate from the internet or your business information system, you can quickly restart and your business will continue to run as normal. With a physical backup at hand, only 3.6% of victims appear to pay the ransom. Making a separate extra backup is therefore worthwhile – but not for the criminals.


🕖Back up daily

💻 Make a backup to a digital and physical location

✅ Test regularly whether a backup works

Want to know more about Tom’s research? Read it here

Information source: Politie.nl

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