Ralf Schumacher raves about GP Las Vegas: ‘Red Bull is under pressure’

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Ralf Schumacher raves about GP Las Vegas: 'Red Bull is under pressure'

Ralf Schumacher is completely lyrical about the Las Vegas Grand Prix and hopes that it will be an exciting foretaste of the season-ending event in Abu Dhabi. According to the German, Red Bull Racing is under a bit of pressure and this was visible in Las Vegas. For the rest, the former Formula 1 driver spoke highly of Max Verstappen’s performance.

Schumacher really enjoyed the first Las Vegas Grand Prix since 1982. The event had to deliver the perfect picture: the cars racing down The Strip, The Sphere in the middle, the Bellagio Fountain, and grand shows. According to some, that picture could be thrown in the trash bin after the first free practice, but the race made up for it completely. “I loved it,” is the opinion of the former Formula 1 driver at the German branch of Sky Sports. “Of course, when everything is new, things sometimes get messed up,” the German continues.

Before the race there was criticism that Formula 1 would focus more on the show than on the sport. The race was also critically reported on the ground, as restrictions had been imposed on the lives of the city’s residents months before the race. “The event was great, everything was perfectly organized, you can’t complain about anything,” said Schumacher, who was also satisfied with the most important part: “Especially the race was exciting, and how it went back and forth!”

After a messy opening phase, Sergio Pérez came back onto the track at the back of the field after his pit stop. Ultimately he drove towards the podium, battling Charles Leclerc to the finish. “Poor Pérez again, who lost his position on the last lap, just like in Brazil,” says Schumacher. ‘Red Bull is under a bit of pressure. The teams are getting closer. That makes it all exciting. We only have one race left. I’m looking forward to that,” said Michael Schumacher’s brother.

Schumacher praises Verstappen’s winning record

In Las Vegas, Verstappen won his 53rd Grand Prix and is therefore equal with Sebastian Vettel. The next person he can match is Michael Schumacher (91), although he still has to continue for a number of seasons. Schumacher thinks he can do it. “Definitely based on age and talent,” the German answers. ‘The only question is, does he want to continue racing for so long? And the other: does he always have such a good car? I think that will be the case next year. He must take good care of Adrian Newey so that it continues like this.’

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