Racing cyclist reports after being shown images in investigation programs

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Zoetermeer – The police arrested a 39-year-old resident from Berkel en Rodenrijs on Monday, March 18. This man is suspected of a sexual offense on Monday, August 28 at Tintlaan in Zoetermeer. The images of this man, on a racing bike, were shown on Tuesday, March 5, in the investigation programs Team West and Opsporing Verzocht. The man was arrested today after he reported himself.

On Monday, August 28 around 6:30 PM, two girls were playing in the street in the area of ​​Tintlaan and Derde Stationsstraat in Zoetermeer. At one point a racing cyclist stopped near the two girls. The racing cyclist then showed his genitals to the girls several times. The racing cyclist then rode away again.


Images of the suspect were recently shown in the investigation programs Team West and Opsporing Verzocht and via social media. After this call, the police received several tips. After he reported himself, he was arrested on Monday, March 18. The man is still in custody and is being questioned. As usual, the images have been removed.

Investigation programs

The police collaborate with various local and regional broadcasters in the field of investigation communications. Through investigation programs you are asked to help solve crimes. CCTV images of suspects are regularly shown in investigative programs, as in the case mentioned above. We regularly manage to solve cases thanks to your tips.

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