Rachel Hazes may continue to call herself the heir of André Hazes for the time being

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André Hazes during a performance in the Amsterdam Arena in 2004
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Rachel Hazes may continue to call herself heiress of André Hazes, although technically she is not. She may also continue to use the copyright (music and lyrics) and the image of the singer, the judge ruled during summary proceedings in Utrecht. It must first be determined in a more extensive court case what she is entitled to.

The summary proceedings were initiated together with the testamentary administrator by Roxeanne Hazes, the daughter of André and Rachel. According to Roxeanne, Rachel Hazes is not an heiress of the singer because divorce proceedings were underway at the time of his death. The singer’s will stipulated that Rachel would not receive anything.

No right to inheritance

Rachel disputes that she is not entitled to the inheritance due to the divorce proceedings because, according to her, those proceedings were withdrawn before André’s death. The judge does not agree and states that Rachel is not entitled to the inheritance according to André’s will.

But the judge says that there is no urgent interest here because Roxeanne already knew in 2020 that her mother may not be an heir. The judge also believes that the case should be dealt with more extensively because of the complex financial interests. In concrete terms, this means that Rachel can still call herself an heiress for the time being.

Roxeanne also demanded access to a number of financial documents. Rachel now has to give her daughter copies of two of the singer’s bank accounts, among other things.

André Hazes passed away on September 23, 2004 at the age of 53. The singer has four children. The best known are Roxeanne (30) and André (29), who got the folk singer with Rachel. Both have their own music careers. He had children Melvin (41) and Nathalie (50) from two previous marriages.

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