Quiet Saturday in Arnhem

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Arnhem – Everything went quietly in the city center of Arnhem today. One person has been arrested, a 38-year-old woman from Vorden. The triangle looks back on a quiet Saturday in Arnhem.

Quiet in the center

Mayor Marcouch, the police and the Public Prosecution Service look back with satisfaction. Even though the mayor was unfortunately forced to ban the demonstration earlier this week. Mayor Marcouch: ‘On behalf of the triangle, I thank the people of Arnhem for their understanding, the police from all over the country for their efforts and the entrepreneurs for their calmness.’


In the morning, a woman was arrested in Arnhem because she had announced that she wanted to tear up a Koran book in Arnhem. She was arrested on the basis of the APV, which states that it is prohibited to cause disorder through provocative behavior. The woman had a Koran book with her when she was arrested. She is free again and has been given an area ban.

Police deployment

The police were present today with more units in the city center of Arnhem. Including more regular police and Mobile Units. That was because we didn’t know in advance how the day would go. The developments of the past few days (prohibition of demonstrations, area ban) naturally play a role in this. We wanted to prevent disruption of public order or other disorder and stand for the safety of all people in the city.

It has remained quiet in the city center today. That is why police deployment has now been reduced.

Information source: Politie.nl

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