Putin and Kim strengthen ties, uncertainty remains about arms deliveries Yesterday, 2:09 PM Abroad It is Kim’s first foreign visit since the corona pandemic. According to Kim, North Korea will continue to support Russia in everything.

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President Kim and President Putin
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Putin met in Vostoshny, southeastern Russia. The two spoke at the Russian space center. An important topic on the agenda: weapons, although not much has been said about that officially.

For Kim it is his first foreign visit since the corona pandemic. Yesterday he crossed the border with his heavily armored train. This morning he was received by President Putin with a forty-second handshake.

The two viewed the launch site: “The leader of North Korea is very interested in building missiles. That’s why we are here,” Putin said.

After the tour of the space center, the two had discussions. According to Putin, they were going to discuss “economic cooperation.” Kim then expressed extensive support for Russia. “The relationship with Russia is a top priority for North Korea. I am convinced that we will continue to stand together in the fight against imperialism. North Korea supports all of Putin’s decisions.”

Kim also spoke of a “holy battle” between Russia and the West. Putin said he was happy that Kim had accepted his invitation.

According to Putin, there has been “an open exchange of opinions” with Kim. He says that one of the things discussed was “agricultural issues”. It is unclear what he means by that. It is known that North Korea is in urgent need of food aid.

Spokesman Peskov told state news agency Interfax that the talks were “important and constructive”. He said North Korea would like to cooperate with Russia in aviation and transportation.

Watch footage of part of the conversation between Putin and Kim below:

Kim Jong-Un in conversation with Putin: ‘Unconditional support for Russia’

It is not clear whether concrete agreements have been made regarding arms deliveries. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov avoided questions about this after the meeting. He pointed directly to the West. “The West has violated contractual agreements by sending Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine.”

Dumplings, sirloin steak and blueberries

After the talks, Kim and Putin sat down for dinner. They toasted each other’s health and friendship.

According to Russian media, the dinner consisted of several courses. As a starter, Kim and Putin were served salad with duck and figs. Then they were served dumplings with crab meat, fish soup and, as a main course, a choice of sturgeon with mushrooms and sirloin steak with grilled vegetables. To finish off the menu, there were lingonberries with pine nuts and condensed milk.

After about five hours, Putin and Kim’s meeting was over. Kim is not going back to North Korea yet. According to Putin, he will travel to Vladivostok to view the Russian fleet there. Afterwards, a visit to a number of Russian factories in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is planned.

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