‘Punishing violent videos can hinder detection’

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Media lawyer Royce de Vries does not think that criminalizing violent videos is necessary. He even thinks that a ban on this could hinder the detection of criminals. CDA and PvdA are working on a bill on this.

Image: the two men suspected of having made images of the murder of Peter R. de Vries


The son of the murdered crime journalist Peter R. de Vries says this to the AD on Thursday. That brought the news that CDA and PvdA are working on a bill to be able to criminally tackle filmers of violent videos.

Shortly after the attack on Royce de Vries’ father, shocking images of a shot Peter R. de Vries circulated on social media. ‘I myself experienced it as terrible that the images were distributed so massively after the attack on my father. Still, I think there is no task for the legislator here.’

It can even have the opposite effect, he believes: ‘After all, the fact that people are filming regularly ensures that the perpetrators of those incidents can be tracked down. Moreover, in my father’s case you see that the filmers are already being prosecuted. The law already offers sufficient tools for that.’

After the murder of De Vries, two men were arrested who allegedly made the images, Gerower MC and Erickson O.


The CDA and the PvdA want people who share violent videos of abuse or accidents to be punished, the news site revealed on Wednesday. The punishment would be a fine of up to 9,000 euros.

MPs Anne Kuik (CDA) and Song├╝l Mutluer (PvdA) say that there is sufficient support for the proposal in the House of Representatives. However, the VVD still has some reservations about the proposal. ‘What does it solve and is it enforceable?’ MP Ulysse Ellian wonders.


The immediate reason for the plan is a video in which a man is beaten and thrown onto the track at Bijlmer ArenA station in Amsterdam. According to Kuik and Mutluer, it is important that eyewitnesses intervene if they see something serious happening and that they do not film. Legislation should mainly focus on the ‘original source’. The person who films and uploads it.

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