Public Prosecution Service insists on banning Hardliners motorcycle club

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Public Prosecution Service insists on banning Hardliners motorcycle club

The Public Prosecution Service urged the court at Schiphol on Friday for a ban on motorcycle club Hardliners MC. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the club is guilty of serious criminal offenses and encourages violence.

Criminal prosecution of individual club members cannot completely stop this violence. That is why a civil law ban is necessary, the public prosecutor argued today.

Nine years in prison

Hardliners MC was founded in 2019 from prison by President Lysander de R., who was previously president of the Haarlem Hells Angels. The founding of Hardliners MC came just before the judge would issue a civil ban on the Hells Angels. Lysander de R. (41) was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2018 for assault, extortion, threats, arson, possession of weapons and leading the Haarlem chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. According to the court, a ‘tough and beastly chapter’ was created under the leadership of De R., under which ‘a true regime of arbitrariness’ was conducted in Haarlem and the surrounding area.

‘Violence the norm’

Hardliners MC quickly became one of the largest outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Netherlands. In 2021, the association already had 22 chapters. The club has a strict hierarchy in which violence is the norm, according to the Public Prosecution Service.


Several members of Hardliners MC have been sentenced to prison in recent years for, among other things, violent extortion and hostage-taking. Club members also appeared in investigations into other acts of violence, such as arson, explosions and intimidation.

The members of Hardliners MC appear in various criminal investigations. The public prosecutor cited some examples from current cases:

‘An ex-member talked about criminal trafficking in drugs and weapons. Everyone in the chapter knows this about each other and they also exchange information with each other. People who do not pay for drugs purchased at or through HMC receive a home visit from a large group (8 people) and are sometimes tortured for a long time, he explains.’

‘There is serious abuse that often leads to hospital admissions, threats, sky-high exit fees, and the confiscation of property.’

‘There are various statements about gun ownership and weapon use in relation to the Hardliners. Various weapons were also found on members. This seems to be a normal thing within the club.’

Hand grenade

There have also been several incidents involving heavy explosives and arson. And threats from government employees, such as the intimidation of a municipal councilor who agitated against motorcycle clubs. A hand grenade was also found on the steps of the city hall after a council meeting in Haarlem.


These violent incidents are part of a criminal investigation. For example, an investigation is underway at the North Holland court into the top of Hardliners MC, including founder Lysander de R.. He is suspected of leading and participating in a criminal organization aimed at committing violent crimes.

No early release

According to the rules for conditional release, De R. would be released early in August 2024. The Public Prosecution Service believes that he cannot be released earlier because he is suspected of having continued criminal activities in prison.

‘However, the Public Prosecution Service sees that more is needed in addition to the criminal law approach to combat the disruption of public order. The culture and structure of the association ensures that violence continues to occur, even from detention. The disruptive effect of the motorcycle gang is too great, and according to the Public Prosecution Service, a ban on Hardliners MC is therefore proportionate and necessary.’

The North Holland court will give its ruling on March 8.

Civil interdiction

The Public Prosecution Service already asked the North Holland court in the summer of 2023 to ban the Hardliners and dissolve the association. The petition was submitted to the North Holland District Court on August 31, 2023.

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