Public Prosecution Service demands 19 years against Tilburg woman suspected of poison murder of partner Yesterday, 11:01 PM in Regional News In tapped telephone conversations, officers heard the woman say that she liked that her partner "broken is".

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The court in Breda.

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The Public Prosecution Service is demanding 19 years in prison against Yvon K from Tilburg. The 64-year-old woman is suspected of fatally poisoning her 65-year-old partner with a suicide drug. The woman is said to have done this to gain his inheritance.

K. was a private care therapist and cared for Mia, the demented wife of the later victim. Due to his wife’s illness, he sold his supermarket in Halsteren and part of his possessions. According to Omroep Brabant he was a wealthy man.

In May 2020, K. started a relationship with the widower, on the day of his wife’s funeral. Two months before his death, the man changed his will and K. became the sole heiress.

Dessert with suicide drug

On the night of December 8 to 9, 2020, the former supermarket owner died in his home on Dorpsstraat in Halsteren in Brabant. A high dose of suicide drug was found in his blood. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the substance was in a wine glass and in the remains of a dessert with cherry yogurt.

In addition, antiemetics, painkillers and sleeping pills were found in the victim’s body. K., a consultant at the euthanasia association NVVE, says she ordered the medicines on the internet, but did not administer them to her partner.

Call history deleted

On the day the man died, K. called someone from her hiking club to say that a good friend of hers had died, while the victim was only found the next day. In addition, police investigation revealed that K. deleted dozens of conversations from her call history around the date of the man’s death. In wiretapped telephone conversations, officers heard her say that she was happy that her partner was “devastated.”

The prosecutor says money was the motive for the murder. “Money is everything to her,” the officer said. K.’s ex-partners told the police that she had financial problems.

K. denies involvement in the man’s death. In court she stated that she was deeply in love with him. “I’ve been in a nightmare for three years. I’m on a rollercoaster. I’m completely destroyed. My life is now completely destroyed. I didn’t kill him.”

The trial continues on Monday.

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