Protest against sidelining insurance doctors during personnel inspections

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The trade unions FNV, CNV and VCP (Vakcentrale voor Professionals), the Dutch Association for Insurance Medicine (NVVG) and NOVAG (New Order Insurance Doctors Work & Health) disagree with a change in the law that would affect the RIV test – the review of the reintegration report – adjusts, the FNV and NVVG report in a press release.

According to the unions and the NVVG, the bill ignores the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and the insurance doctors and the opinion of the company doctor about what activities and working hours the long-term sick employee can still handle.


The current law states that employers must do everything they can to reintegrate a long-term sick employee. Alternative working hours or activities should also be considered. If the employment expert of the UWV suspects that the employer has not made sufficient efforts to make reintegration possible, a second opinion can be requested from an insurance doctor.

If the amendment to the law – which was submitted in October 2020 by former Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment (D66) – is adopted by the House, the employee himself must enlist the help of a second company doctor or the UWV and, according to the unions, it will be and the NVVG more difficult to check the company doctor.

Not independent enough

The unions are afraid that company doctors are not independent enough because they are hired by employers. That is why they presented a letter to the House of Representatives on Tuesday 21 March in which they call on the House to vote against the amendment to the law.

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