Privacy watchdog is concerned about AI chatbot aimed at children 14:21 in Tech It concerns a chatbot from a tech company. A spokesperson for the Dutch Data Protection Authority does not want to say which.

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Chairman Aleid Wolfsen of the Dutch Data Protection Authority
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The Dutch Data Protection Authority has asked a tech company for clarity about the use of a chatbot in an app. The company is not mentioned by name, but it is a chatbot powered by AI (artificial intelligence) that is popular with children.

One of the best-known apps with a chatbot that is also popular with children is Snapchat’s My AI. Snapchat introduced the feature earlier this year, amid the huge hype created by ChatGPT. My AI went crazy: the chatbot wanted to make appointments in real life. After criticism arose, Snapchat made adjustments and informed My Al that unfortunately he could not meet physically.

When asked, a spokesperson for the Dutch Data Protection Authority could not say whether this is indeed the company. Snapchat could not immediately be reached for comment.

The tech company must answer questions about, among other things, how transparent the app is about the use of user data and “whether careful consideration has been given” to a retention period for data that has been collected. Based on the answers, the Dutch Data Protection Authority will decide on next steps. Violations include fines.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has been looking at the privacy effects of generative AI for some time, in which computers based on artificial intelligence generate text, images or, for example, audio, based on a command. The watchdog previously asked OpenAI for clarification; there has been no update on that since.

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