Prison sentence for artist Andeweg from The Hague for assault and rape Yesterday, 20:54 in Binnenland The 36-year-old artist has been sentenced to twenty months in prison, eight months of which are conditional.

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Court drawing by Andeweg
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The court in Amsterdam has sentenced visual artist Julian Andeweg from The Hague to twenty months in prison, eight months of which are suspended. The 36-year-old Andeweg was found guilty by the judge of sexual assault, rape and assault. For a long time he was regarded as a promising talent in the Dutch art world: his work was shown in the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, among others.

The sentence is lower than the requirement of the Public Prosecution Service. That had required three years in prison against Andeweg, one year of which was conditional. The OM described the case as “MeToo in the art world”.

The court considered seven charges against the artist, three of which were rapes and one charge of years of abuse. He was eventually found guilty of one assault, one rape, and the long-term assault of his former girlfriend.

The abuses first came into the public eye in 2020 through an article in NRC. In it, Andeweg was accused by at least twenty men and women of assault, rape and intimidation. Six women eventually filed a report.

Reduced accountability

During the hearing of his case, Andeweg denied most of the allegations or said he could not remember the events well. The events took place between 2013 and 2018, a period in which the artist used a lot of alcohol and drugs. The court labeled some of his statements as “implausible”.

In the verdict, the court took into account that Andeweg has reduced accountability due to a personality disorder. It also took into account that it took a long time before the case came to court. The artist’s lawyer, Peter Plasman, tells NRC that Andeweg is considering a possible appeal.

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