Price of vegetables continues to fall, but groceries are not really getting cheaper

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  • Ruben Eg

    editor Economics

  • Ruben Eg

    editor Economics

The trend of ever-increasing prices in the supermarket has come to an end, concludes data and insights company Hiiper. At the request of the NOS, the agency made a new analysis of supermarket prices and receipts.

Compared to March, consumers pay less at the checkout for many products. However, it does not appear that prices will eventually return to pre-inflation levels. “In total you still pay more than 11 percent more for your groceries than last year,” says Joep Smeets, director of Hiiper.

For the research, the prices of products have been reviewed, with more value being assigned to daily groceries than to products that are bought less often. Two months ago, for example, only cucumbers, strawberries, aubergines and melons were cheaper than a year ago.

Cucumber and broccoli

This trend of falling prices in the field of fruit and vegetables is now continuing. A cucumber is now on average 10 percent cheaper than a year ago. Compared to the price peak in March, a cucumber is even 34 percent cheaper.

However, tomatoes, broccoli and bananas are still more expensive than a year ago. “This is only partly caused by the seasonal effect.”

Dairy, cheese and eggs are 3 percent cheaper than in March.

Cookie and chocolate

The decreases are offset by price increases of, for example, frozen products. These are now more than 16 percent more expensive than a year ago. The same goes for biscuits and chocolate. This seems to be the result of the high prices of cocoa and sugar.

Since the beginning of last year, biscuits and chocolate have become more expensive every month, says Smeets. According to him, the peak in price increases for these products has not yet been reached.

Last month, Ahold Delhaize, the parent company of Albert Heijn, promised to lower prices where possible. Both Albert Heijn and Jumbo are therefore increasingly displaying their house brands more prominently.

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