Pope donates splinters of ‘true cross’ for coronation ceremony Charles 17:20 in Abroad , Royal House For believers, it is about the cross on which Christ died.

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The Processional Cross, carried by the Archbishop of Wales
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Pope Francis has donated two slivers of the so-called true cross for a religious attribute used at the coronation of Britain’s King Charles. For believers it is about the cross on which Christ died. The fragments will be incorporated into a processional cross that will be carried at the ceremony on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Charles donated the new processional cross, made from recycled Welsh silver, wood and slate, to the Anglican Church of Wales three years ago to mark an anniversary. As King of the United Kingdom, Charles is also head of the Anglican Church.

Charles has close ties to Wales. Until he became king in September, he held the title Prince of Wales. That title passed to his eldest son and heir to the throne William.

After the coronation, the cross will be displayed alternately in Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Wales.

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