Police solve three robberies in one go

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Amersfoort – Thanks to decisive action by police officers, three street robberies in Amersfoort were solved in one go last night. Two boys aged 17 and 20 from Almere were arrested while they still had the loot in their pockets. So a red-handed act.

Last night, the police received three reports of robberies at knifepoint by two suspects in quick succession. The first report from Soesterweg came in around 8:30 PM. The victim was robbed of his mobile phone.

While colleagues were recording the report on the spot, a report came of a second robbery on the Groenmarkt.

Escape route
That was an attempt, but the second victim was able to give a better description of the perpetrators, allowing camera surveillance to look back in a targeted manner. An escape route for both suspects quickly came into view.

Shortly afterwards, the police found two people who matched the description and ran away. The police officers involved did not reveal themselves and ran after them. After a chase around half the center of Amersfoort, the two boys were handcuffed. The knives and loot were found.

During the investigation, the third victim reported to the police. This victim also appeared to have been robbed on Soesterweg around 8:30 p.m.

Team leaders Robin Sterckel and Alexander Staal of the Amersfoort base team are proud of their colleagues who solved three robberies in one go through quick and decisive action. “It was a really nice arrest and a wonderful example of good police work.”

Information source: Politie.nl

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