Police show recognizable images of suspects of assault

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The Hague/Zoetermeer/Katwijk/Alphen aan den Rijn – Today in Team West we show the recognizable images of the pair who severely assaulted a tram driver in Zoetermeer. In addition, the police show the images of a suspect in a bank helpdesk fraud case, that of the driver of a van in which drug waste was found and that of three suspects in shoplifting. Will you help the police solve these cases?

Two who assaulted a tram driver are now recognisably shown

Last week, the police showed the unrecognizable images of two men who severely assaulted a tram driver. Because the pair have not yet reported themselves, the police will show the recognizable images tonight. The assault took place on Thursday evening, November 2, at the Centrum-West stop. At around 9 p.m., the tram driver confronted two young men at the stop who were blocking the elevator with an electric scooter. Almost immediately, the tram driver was attacked by the pair from several sides. The men punched and kicked the victim, causing the victim to fall to the ground. Bystanders caught the victim. The victim had to go immediately to the hospital where it turned out that he had a concussion. To this day he still cannot work.

Bank helpdesk fraud: Katwijk couple scammed

An older couple in Katwijk became victims of bank help desk fraud on Wednesday, October 18. The couple received a call from a so-called bank employee that something was wrong with their checking account. The computer was taken over remotely by so-called bank employees. Later, their bank cards were collected from the victims. It turned out that several amounts were withdrawn with this debit card. These recordings took place on Hoornseplein and Rogstraat in Katwijk. In the broadcast, the police show camera images showing how the suspect collects the debit card and then carries out debit card transactions.

Drug waste in van

On Wednesday, July 19, the police found a large amount of drug waste in a white van parked on Pallasstraat in Alphen aan den Rijn. The van had been unattended for some time in the middle of a residential area when the police were called. Investigation revealed that an unknown man parked this white van on Monday, July 10, around 5:15 p.m. It concerns a white Citro├źn Jumper with a German license plate with the license plate KK-X 1987. Investigation showed that this license plate was fake. On the left rear door, where a window should normally be, was an aluminum plate. There were two barrels of liquid in the loading space of this van and research showed that this was a residual product for the production of synthetic drugs. In Team West, the police show images of the man who parked the bus.

Make-up thieves in the picture

An employee of a store on Loosduinse Hoofdstraat saw on Friday, August 4, while working in the store, that several make-up shelves had been completely emptied. Because she thought this was very special, she watched the camera images. She immediately saw that three men had been in the store and had emptied the shelves. The men had stolen thousands of euros worth of make-up. Investigation showed that these three men had also stolen make-up from branches in Leiden, Zoetermeer and The Hague. In the broadcast, the police again show camera images of these three men.

Information source: Politie.nl

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