Police looking for woman and two men in investigation kidnapping 15-year-old boy (VIDEO)

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According to the police, the kidnapping of the 15-year-old boy in Amsterdam last January was the result of ‘a conflict’ that has escalated. In Opsporing Requested, the police say they want more information about this. Police are looking for a woman and two men who may have been involved. Three men have previously been arrested in the investigation.

Delivery van

On January 10, there was a high-speed chase on the A27 motorway, among other things. The police then forced a white van to stop. Officers approached the vehicle with guns drawn, after which the three suspects were arrested. In the cargo area was a 15-year-old boy from Amsterdam who had been kidnapped 45 minutes earlier.

The victim was dragged into the delivery van at his home on the Tweede Jan Steenstraat in De Pijp around 08.40 am. The boy is now doing reasonably well given the circumstances, according to the police.


The arrested suspects are a 35-year-old man from Amsterdam, a 36-year-old man from Weesp and a 29-year-old man from Almere. Apparently they have not provided the police with much information because the police say they want more about the background of this kidnapping, and other people involved.

The most likely scenario that the police are taking into account is that a conflict has escalated to such an extent that a number of people saw a reason to kidnap the 15-year-old boy.


It is likely that more people were involved in the kidnapping and its preparations, the police say.

Shortly before the victim was taken, the wanted woman walked across Van Woustraat and Tweede Jan Steenstraat. She also walked past one of the male suspects who was holding a parking space on Tweede Jan Steenstraat at that time. He got into a white Citroën C3 with a black roof, which the police now know was involved in the kidnapping.

The third suspect was filmed in a porch opposite where the boy was overpowered. He appeared to be there on the lookout shortly before the abduction.

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