Police inspector arrested for leaking information Yesterday, 16:19 in Binnenland Two men from Soest and Naarden were also arrested in connection with this case.

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A policeman was arrested in Amsterdam this morning. The 39-year-old inspector is suspected of passing on confidential information to third parties.

Two other suspects were also arrested in connection with this case, a 35-year-old man from Soest and a 36-year-old man from Naarden. There have been searches in Almere and Hilversum and at the workplace of the inspector in Amsterdam.

The investigation is still ongoing. The suspects are only allowed to have contact with their lawyer. The National Public Prosecutor’s Office does not rule out new arrests.

More often

Leaked police information is regularly used by criminals, not only to evade the police themselves, but also to find criminal enemies. For example, the Public Prosecution Service today demanded another twelve years in prison against a suspected drug trafficker who had confidential police information at his disposal.

A case that attracted a lot of attention was that of a former police officer from Weert, Mark M. He sold confidential information to criminals for years and earned a lot of money from it. In 2015 he ran into the lamp. In 2020, he received a five-year prison sentence on appeal for violating professional secrets, computer trespass and money laundering.

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  • Interior

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