Police fire warning shots at the arrest of six in the port of Vlissingen

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Six people were arrested on Friday night at the port area on Finlandweg in Vlissingen-East. Officers fired warning shots.

Around 3:20 a.m., the police received a report that people were climbing over the fence at a transshipment company. Several police and customs units immediately arrived on the scene. They searched the area and found six suspects. During the arrests, officers fired several warning shots.


The six suspects are in custody for further investigation. It concerns (young) men between the ages of 15 and 32, from the Rotterdam area. The police and customs are conducting further investigations together.

Last week, two Albanians aged 40 and 46 were arrested in the port of Vlissingen.


To reduce drug smuggling in the Zeeland ports, they will be secured by the Seaport Police from the spring. The municipalities of Vlissingen, Borsele, Terneuzen and Moerdijk work together with the port authorities, police, customs, military police and the judiciary to combat drug crime in the ports.

In 2022, 4,157 kilos of cocaine were caught in the port of Vlissingen. That is more than the more than 2,100 kilos discovered in 2021.


In the Portunus case, about the import of cocaine via the port of Vlissingen, 8.5 years and 8 years in prison were demanded at the end of January for the court in Breda against main suspects Ali B. and Björn K.. Sentences of up to seven were imposed on seven other suspects. years in prison. Most of these suspects were apprehended on July 1, 2020 during a massive police action. According to the judiciary, the network turned out to have several corrupt port employees.

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