Police find drug lab at Fort in Veeningen

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Veeningen – The police found a drug lab in a building at Fort in Veeningen during the night of Friday February 2 to Saturday February 3. Five arrests have been made. The police are investigating.

The police had information that there might be a drug lab in the building at the Fort. Based on this information, the building was raided on Saturday February 3 around 2:30 am. A drug lab was found in the room with goods and barrels possibly containing chemicals that could be used in the production of synthetic drugs. The National Dismantling Facility (LFO) arrived on site to investigate. The drug lab will be dismantled and the police will continue their investigation.

Four arrests were made in the vicinity of the building. This concerns a 61-year-old man from Amsterdam, a 48-year-old woman from the municipality of De Wolden and two men aged 30 and 26 without a permanent place of residence. An 18-year-old man from Utrecht was arrested elsewhere in the country during the investigation. It is being investigated whether there is a connection between this arrest and the discovery of the drug lab. The suspects are in custody and are being interrogated. The five suspects are also under restrictions, which means that we as the police and the Public Prosecution Service are reluctant to share further details.

Do you suspect a drug lab?
Drug laboratories and warehouses are a major risk in residential areas and on business premises. Not only the production process, but also the storage of chemicals is dangerous. For example, a sign of a drug lab is the presence of a strong synthetic odor (anise-like or chemically pungent, sour or acetone). In such a building, cracks and/or windows are often sealed with polyurethane foam. Furthermore, the windows may be fogged, taped or covered; for example, the curtains never open.

Do you suspect a production or storage location in your area? Then call the police on 0900-8844. If there is a red-handed situation, call 112. You can report anonymously to Report Crime Anonymous on 0800-7000.

Information source: Politie.nl

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