‘Police drone with equipment finds bone remains at crime scenes much better’

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'Police drone with equipment finds bone remains at crime scenes much better'

The police have had success with a test in which they used a drone to look for bone remains. The results turned out to be much better than with a search with officers at a staged crime scene.


Experts from the police forensic service – in collaboration with other parties – equipped a drone with light sources and a filter, with which they wanted to make human and animal bone material visible from the air. This is to discover how successful this tool is, compared to searching ‘on line’ with agents or other people.


The result was that the technology-equipped drone found all the bone particles during the test in no time, and the police officers found only a few. The police report that an additional advantage was that the crime scene of the fictitious crime ‘remained virginal’, unlike with human involvement.


The police specialists from the ‘forensic visualization’ team therefore consider their plan a success. As a next step, they want to investigate whether other biological traces can also be easily discovered in this way (or ‘can be highlighted’, in technical language, CS). This includes traces of blood, saliva and semen.

A smaller drone would help to fly in smaller spaces and tighter environments, they wrote in a message on social media.

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