‘Police case against suspect in Wiersum murder preparation ‘pieced together”

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'Police case against suspect in Wiersum murder preparation 'pieced together''

A new witness has come forward in the trial against Anouar T. and Sezer B., who are accused of preparing the murder of lawyer Derk Wierum in 2019. This witness ‘X’ claims that Sezer B. only helped with a plan for tackling Wiersum, with violence. He would have ‘nothing to do’ with the lawyer’s death. This is what Het Parool writes on Saturday.


Sezer B. (31) is one of the suspects who heard an 18-year sentence demanded in court this week for preparing the murder of Derk Wiersum, the lawyer of the key witness in the Marengo trial, Nabil B. ., in which Ridouan Taghi is the main suspect.


Het Parool writes on Saturday that a new witness in this case sent a detailed email to the court and to several lawyers in the criminal case on Thursday. He states that he and Sezer B. have been intensively searching for Derk Wiersum. According to the person who calls himself ‘X’, the intention was to ‘confront Wiersum with violence to make Nabil take back his statements and lies.’


According to the witness, Sezar B. and himself observed at Wiersum’s house, where he was shot dead on September 18, 2019. Het Parool notes from X.’s letter: ‘How do I know this? I am the 2the person who was with Sezer at the time of posting. I would have to grab Wiersum and Sezer would have to stay in the car. Pretty crazy, we were going to catch Wiersum but we didn’t and now Sezer is being prosecuted for murder.’


The file that has now been submitted against Anouar Taghi (30) and Sezer B. is ‘a good story that the police have put together’. The Amsterdam newspaper writes that the witness says that his account is supported by PGP messages that could be found in other files.

Anouar Taghi’s lawyers are now asking the court to open the case and have the Public Prosecution Service conduct an investigation. Among other things, they want the witness’s story to be compared with communications from Ridouan Taghi, Anouar T’s uncle. She also wants to be able to view messages that may be relevant to this.

Anouar T. has been sentenced to 26 years and 8 months in prison for participating in the preparation of Wiersum’s murder.

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