Police arrest three suspects for robberies during sales appointments

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Maarheeze / Best / Uden / Horst / Gemert / Beek en Donk – Intensive investigation by the police led to a breakthrough in the investigation into a series of armed robberies during a sales appointment. Last month, the investigation team arrested three suspects (16, 24 and 26 years old) on suspicion of involvement in these cases. Two suspects are still in custody for further investigation.

Five robberies during sales appointment
What was striking about these cases was that they involved robberies during a sales appointment. Victims were robbed after making a sales appointment via a sales site. They were forced to hand over their smartphones at gunpoint. This concerns robberies that took place last year in Maarheeze, Best, Uden and Horst in Limburg. In three of the cases, a man and woman appeared at the door together – as a couple in the role of interested buyers. The other two times it involved a man alone. We previously drew attention to the cases from Maarheeze and Best via Politie.nl. We thank everyone for their input.

For example, the residents of a house on Evenestraat in Maarheeze were robbed at home on Monday evening, September 11, 2023, during a sales appointment, after they had offered a smartphone for sale via a sales site. A man and a woman showed up at the door on the Monday evening in question around 7 p.m. Once inside, the residents received no money, but a firearm was pointed at them. Under threat of that weapon, they were forced to give the smartphone to the perpetrators. The perpetrators then fled. Fortunately, the victims were unharmed.

Two months earlier, the residents of a home on Wever in Best experienced a similar impactful experience on Wednesday, July 26. A man and woman also appeared at their door according to sales agreement. They were let in by the residents. Once inside, the man pulled out a gun and threatened the residents, after which the couple ran off with the loot. No one was injured.

Uden and Horst
Similar robberies also took place in Uden and Horst in Limburg in July this year. On Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19, respectively, residents of a home on Kornetstraat and Efferen in Uden were robbed at gunpoint after they had made a sales appointment online. A week later, the residents of a house on Vermeerstraat in Horst also became victims of an armed robbery after making a sales appointment. No one was injured in all three cases.

Arrest suspects
Thanks to extensive investigation by the police, a man and woman (26 and 24 years old) from Gemert and a 16-year-old woman from Beek en Donk emerged as suspects. They were arrested in their hometowns last month in connection with the series of robberies. The victims have been informed of the arrests.

Follow-up research
The two adult suspects from Gemert are still in custody and are being interrogated extensively about the five cases. The minor suspect has been released, but remains a suspect in the investigation.

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Information source: Politie.nl

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