Police arrest man with fake Ukrainian driver’s license of ‘Boris Johnson’

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Police found a fake driver’s license in the name of ‘Boris Johnson’
NOS News

The police arrested a man in Groningen last night who was driving through the city under the influence of alcohol. When he was arrested, the police found a driver’s license in the name of ‘Boris Johnson’. “Unfortunately for the person, we did not fall for this counterfeit,” the police said on Instagram.

In addition to the name, the photo, date of birth and place of birth also match the data of the British former prime minister. The validity of the document also raises questions: the driver’s license would be valid until the end of 3000. The police have seized the fake driver’s license, reports the local channel OOG TV.

The driver’s license resembles a Ukrainian driver’s license, but it is unknown whether the driver posing as Johnson also has Ukrainian nationality.

NOS correspondent Kysia Hekster writes on Twitter that variants of driver’s licenses of famous people are for sale in Ukrainian tourist shops:

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