Police are looking for witnesses to attempted robbery supermarket Geinplein

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Almere – On Wednesday evening, February 15, two men tried to rob a supermarket on Geinplein with a weapon. Two police officers were injured in the incident. The police are happy to speak to witnesses who have seen or possibly filmed the perpetrators. The police would also like to get in touch with residents from the Waterwijk who may have camera images of the perpetrators.

Around 9 p.m. when the supermarket wants to close, two men with a gun and covered face run into the store. Then the men turn to run outside again. An employee of the neighborhood watch sees this and tries to stop the men. But then a struggle ensues. One of the perpetrators hits the employee in the head with a firearm. Then the perpetrators run outside where another struggle ensues with another employee of the neighborhood watch. The employee is pushed to the ground. The perpetrators then run across the parking lot in the direction of the bus lane.

Report perpetrators

Both men wore face coverings over their heads.

Suspect 1:

  • Has a fair complexion;
  • Was wearing a blue bond coat and gray sweatpants;
  • Wore black sneakers;
  • Had a bag in his hands and a firearm in his right hand.

Suspect 2:

  • Has a light to dark complexion;
  • Was wearing a black jacket and black sweatpants;
  • Wore black sneakers;
  • Had a firearm in his hands.

Call witnesses

Fortunately, the police have already spoken to many witnesses about this attempted robbery in Almere. But the police also like to get in touch with other people who have seen something. For example, with residents in the vicinity of the supermarket who may have seen and/or filmed the perpetrators. Do you have information or do you have camera images? Please contact us on telephone number 0900-8844. Or call anonymously on 0800-7000. You can send camera images directly via the tip form below.

Call the police


Respond online

Information source: Politie.nl

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