Police are investigating arson at home

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Spaubeek – On Wednesday night, August 2, a fire was set at a house on Hobbelrade in Spaubeek. In the investigation into the arson, the police have secured images of the suspects. In addition, the investigation team is urgently looking for possible witnesses and would like to get in touch with one specific witness.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, just after 3 a.m. on August 2, a fire was reported at a house on Hobbelrade in Spaubeek. This house is part of an apartment complex and is located on the first floor. Miraculously, the resident was unhurt but had to leave the apartment via the balcony and the balcony of the neighbors below. Escaping through the front door was no longer possible due to the blazing fire.

It soon became apparent that it was arson. A police investigation was then launched.

During the investigation, local residents and possible witnesses were interviewed. In addition, the two suspects appeared to have been captured on video. These images are now being shared to gain more information about the identities of both. Do you recognize the suspect(s) in the images or do you have more information that could possibly lead to their identity? Then share this via 0800-6070 (investigation tip line), the tip form below or anonymously via 0800-7000 (Report Crime Anonymous).

Possibly involved vehicle

The investigation provided information about a vehicle that was allegedly seen near the building on Hobbelrade around the time of the arson. This would be a dark-colored vehicle whose license plates would have been defaced. Have you seen such a vehicle around that day or night (with or without its lights off) in Spaubeek or in the surrounding villages? Please contact the research team via the contact options mentioned above. Every piece of information can be decisive. Do you live nearby and do you have camera images showing the vehicle? Then upload these images via Politie.nl/upload. You can also upload images showing the suspects shown here.

Witness wanted

On the night the fire took place, the emergency services spoke to various local residents. One of those local residents spoke to the emergency services at the building in question on Hobbelrade. This man said that he had seen a vehicle driving around in the area that matched the above description (dark in color and edited license plates). The research team would very much like to get in touch with this gentleman again and is therefore making an urgent appeal to him to make contact via telephone number 0900-8844.

Information source: Politie.nl

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