Podcast Takedown provides a glimpse into the world of cybercrime

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Netherlands – Extensive botnets, ransomware, DDoS attacks, crypto communication services and the hacking of the former president of the United States. These and more forms of cybercrime are discussed in the new podcast Takedown, created by the High Tech Crime Team of the Dutch police.

Takedown listeners are taken into the world of cybercrime. In this podcast series, specialists from THTC, the Public Prosecution Service and private parties, among others, talk about six extensive cybercrime investigations. They provide an insight into their specialist, technical field of work.

First episode: an investigation into highly damaging malware

In the first episode you listen to the conversation about the investigation into the Rubella malware. A man arrested in 2019 was suspected of having created and sold defective software, so-called malware, on a large scale. From him you could buy programs with names such as Rubella, Cetan and Dryad that could, among other things, integrate hidden code or malware into Word and Excel files.


The host of the episodes is journalist Vivianne Bendermacher. As founder of Techionista, Bendermacher is committed to education and training of women through ICT and technology. She is regularly invited as an expert on radio and TV to share her views on technology.

Team High Tech Crime

The specialists of Team High Tech Crime (THTC), part of the National Criminal Investigation Service of the National Unit, investigate complex, (inter)national cybercrime cases and new forms of high-tech crime. Their goal? Making the Netherlands safer and less attractive for cyber criminals. THTC and other police cybercrime teams are always looking for new colleagues, view the options here.


With Takedown, listeners get a unique insight into the specialist work and technical field of Team High Tech Crime. One cybercrime investigation is discussed in each episode. Takedown can be listened to from today, Monday November 6. Don’t miss an episode? Then subscribe to Takedown in your favorite app, such as Spotify and Apple podcast. Let us know what you think in the comments on the various channels.

Information source: Politie.nl

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