Podcast De Voting: budget, security and a poll Yesterday, 16:36 in Politics What conclusions can we draw from the first seat poll before the elections?

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In the last week of the summer recess of the House of Representatives, there is again a lot to discuss for Xander van der Wulp and Marleen de Rooy. What conclusions can be drawn from the first major seat poll after the announcement that Pieter Omtzigt will participate in the elections?

Meanwhile, various parties are also starting to warm up for the elections. The SGP said goodbye to Kees van der Staaij, but immediately had a successor ready in Chris Stoffer. Will Stoffer continue the line of Van der Staaij or will he choose his own course? The VVD came up with the party program Give Space. Define borders. What does that mean concretely? And the SP presented its electoral list and put several list pushers on it. Can these list pushers really make a difference?

Furthermore, the outgoing cabinet succeeded in getting the budget round this week. What will they do to combat poverty in the Netherlands?

It also became clear in TV program Zembla that dozens of MPs will receive some form of security. What impact does this have on Dutch politics?

Finally, Joost Vullings has something to say.

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