Podcast De Dag: Mustafa Marghadi about ‘his’ Morocco after the earthquake 13:43 in Abroad Reporter Mustafa Marghadi helped his father as a child to build and strengthen their mud house in the mountains of Morocco. Now he sees exactly those kinds of houses completely destroyed. ‘That does mean something.’

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Earthquake Morocco
NOS News

Mustafa Marghadi is normally a correspondent in Southeast Asia, but coincidentally he was visiting family in Morocco when the ground started shaking around 11 p.m. on Friday. Since then he has been a correspondent in Morocco for a while and has been working non-stop for the NOS to report on the enormous destruction.

In the podcast De Dag he talks about what he hears and sees in the remote mountain areas that he knows so well: with the donkey paths, the unpaved roads and the mud houses that he stayed in with his parents, and which he also helped himself. to build. Although the professional work mode is on, that bond with ‘his’ Morocco naturally also affects him.

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