Plane with Sudan evacuees landed in Eindhoven 21:05 in Binnenland There are Dutch people and people of other nationalities on board, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported earlier today. It is not clear how many Dutch people are on board.

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Dutch people from Sudan land with a military aircraft at Eindhoven airbase
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A plane with evacuees from Sudan has landed at Eindhoven airbase. The plane with 104 people had departed from Jordan. On board are Dutch people and people with other nationalities. It is not clear how many Dutch people were on board.

Minister Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs mentions it Twitter “very nice” that the evacuees landed safely. “They have had a very difficult time in Sudan and will receive the help and shelter they need in the near future.”

In total, about 100 Dutch people have been evacuated in recent days. Half were on Dutch flights and the rest used aircraft from other European countries.

In addition, more than 70 people of 14 different nationalities were taken on Dutch evacuations. The first Dutch plane departed from Sudan in the night from Sunday to Monday.

In Sudan, fighting has been going on for a week and a half between the army and units of the RSF militia. At least 400 civilians have been killed so far.

The plane with evacuees landed at Eindhoven Air Base tonight:

A new flight with evacuees from Sudan landed at EIndhoven Air Base.
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  • A total of about 100 Dutch people were evacuated from Sudan
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