Pirelli hopes that new tire will solve wear and tear: ‘Understand complaints from drivers’

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Pirelli hopes that new tire will solve wear and tear: 'Understand complaints from drivers'

Pirelli has announced that it is working on developing a new tire that can be used by Formula 1 teams from 2025. The tire supplier has received a lot of criticism in recent weeks about the performance of its tires, and this problem only became worse after the São Paulo Grand Prix. Several drivers expressed concern about the significant tire degradation.

Pirelli CEO Mario Isola has stated that they are actively looking for solutions. “We want to understand how we can match tire wear to the action on the track,” the CEO shared with international media. “This is something we can address. We need to design a tire with a different wear profile, and that should be an option for the future,” he added regarding the ideas for a new tire.

Max Verstappen also criticized the tires after the Grand Prix in Brazil. According to the Dutchman, it was impossible to race at full speed with these tires, as he had to constantly take the wear and tear of the tires into account.

A little wear and tear is necessary

Isola believes that a tire with minimal wear is not the solution either, as it would make the teams’ strategies too predictable. “Without tire wear there is no need for two-stop strategies, but I also believe that most of the action on the track is due to wear,” Isola explains.

Pirelli is therefore looking for an alternative that allows teams to still apply two-stop strategies and not suffer too much from significant tire degradation. ‘If the wear decreases, I am convinced that there is a risk of a train developing on the track. If one driver can push, anyone can push, because everyone uses the same tire,” said the Pirelli director.

Despite his critical view of the situation, Isola acknowledges that change is needed. ‘I understand the drivers’ complaints about high tire wear, because they want to race more aggressively. This is a clear signal.’ For now, Pirelli’s job is to develop a new tire that lies somewhere in between.

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