Pia Douwes will play Elisabeth again

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Pia Douwes Roy Beusker

A great milestone for Pia Douwes. After 25 years, she plays a leading role again in the Dutch version of the musical Elisabeth. The actress can be seen as the adult Austrian empress from the beginning of next year. Who will play the young Elisabeth will be announced soon.

The 59-year-old Douwes has already played the role several times. That was the first time in Vienna in 1992. She also played the leading role in the Netherlands 25 years ago and in the following years she did so in Germany. In these versions the actress played both the young and adult Elisabeth.

The musical star considers it an honor that she has been asked for the role again. “I am looking forward to portraying the older Elisabeth in this updated version of the greatest life story of the Austrian Empress. She remains a fascinating woman who was way ahead of her time.”

According to producer Albert Verlinde, Douwes is “the one and only Elisabeth”. “The fact that it has been 25 years since she played this role in the Netherlands does not change that. She is one of the rare women who can play this role again after so many years. Pia is Elisabeth. Still.”

The musical is about Sissi (Elisabeth), who becomes Empress of Austria at a young age through her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph. Elisabeth will premiere early next year. This will be followed by a tour of the major theaters in the Netherlands.

Source: nu.nl / photo: Roy Beusker

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