Penal discharge for employee Police Northern Netherlands

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Northern Netherlands – The unit leadership of the Northern Netherlands unit has fired an employee for serious dereliction of duty in the form of theft, embezzlement, fraud and perjury.

The Security, Integrity and Complaints team (VIK) started a disciplinary investigation into the agent’s actions. The police also filed a report and a criminal investigation was launched.

The employee concerned was dismissed. He was also denied access to police buildings and systems. Based on the outcome of the investigation, the agent was fired for serious dereliction of duty.

Prison sentence
The judge issued a ruling today following the criminal investigation. The court ruled: “With his actions, the suspect has not only seriously violated the trust that citizens should be able to have in the police, but also discredited the police in general”. The former police officer was sentenced to six months in prison, three months of which were suspended with a probationary period of three years.

Integrity is the basis of good police work. The police stands for reliability. Society may expect us to act carefully and adequately and to take responsibility for this and to be transparent about it. If you work for the police, you have an exemplary function. That goes for everyone in the police force. Police work is human work and people can make mistakes. The police are alert to this. We must learn from mistakes and dereliction of duty has consequences. The police carefully investigate reports of serious dereliction of duty and punish where necessary.

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