Peak interest in foster care through RTL program Buying without watching 17:49 in Binnenland An episode of the popular housing program focused on a couple with foster children. This has not gone unnoticed at Foster Care Netherlands.

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A broadcast of the popular RTL program Buy without watching may have resulted in dozens of new foster parents. After last week’s episode, which focused on a couple with foster children, about 300 people reported to Foster Care Netherlands who are looking into foster care. Normally, according to the organization, there are 60 per week. Generally, about a quarter actually becomes a foster parent.

In Buy Without Looking, people who can’t find a suitable house give their money to a team of real estate agents, contractors and stylists who buy and refurbish a house for them. Last week you could see how Paul and Kim did that. They have three foster children, something that came up a few times in the episode. Their story impressed many viewers.

Pleegzorg Nederland says that immediately after the broadcast there was already a peak in the number of requests for information. In the end, last week five times as many interested people as usual reported. They can now orientate themselves on having a foster child and its impact. Only after some time will it become clear who will really become a foster parent.

Spokesperson Janette Reukers of Pleegzorg Nederland says that the accessible way in which viewers came into contact with foster care was especially helpful. 1.3 million people watched the broadcast last Monday; there are also forward and backward views.

Shortage of foster parents

The Netherlands now has 17,500 foster parents. Pleegzorg Nederland tries to find 3500 new foster parents every year, a number that is not reached. In 2021 there were 2300, while almost 2500 stopped. “Across the country, foster care organizations say they have a shortage of foster parents,” says Reukers.

Foster Care Netherlands is therefore looking hard for extra foster parents. At the moment, about 700 children are waiting for a new home. Extra foster parents are needed to get rid of that waiting list, but also to supplement the file. “Then we have more choice when it comes to placement.”

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