Paulien Huizinga returns to Amsterdam with the help of ex Michiel Mol

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Fireshot Capture 151 Paulpaulien Huizinga

Former Miss Universe Paulien Huizinga will probably be happy that she can leave the sedate Gooi and live in our vibrant capital again. Her ex-husband Michiel Mol makes this possible, but there are a number of strict conditions attached to it.

Chic Beethovenstraat

Paulien would like to move back to vibrant Amsterdam. And that now seems to be happening, although there are still some snags. What is the case? Paulien’s ex-husband Michiel bought a very luxurious three-room apartment in the chic Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam at the end of July for the price of 730,000 euros, with an asking price of 700,000. In this apartment, Paulien receives ‘the right of occupancy’ from her ex. This is also neatly recorded in an official deed. This means that Paulien does not have to pay rent, but he does have to pay fixed costs such as gas, electricity and water.


However, there are a number of conditions attached to this ‘right of occupancy’. The moment Paulien were to marry someone or enter into a registered partnership, this right would lapse. In that case, Paulien may buy or rent the apartment for the then applicable market price.

Source: Party/Image: Instagram

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