Party for the Animals: take back permits from Tata Steel and Chemours

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Intended party leader Esther Ouwehand (left) and chairman of the program committee Christine Teunissen (right)
On the way to TK2023
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The Dutch livestock industry must shrink by 75 percent. Discharge and other permits are withdrawn from Tata Steel and Chemours. And there will be a total ban on harmful pfas substances. This is stated in the Party for the Animals’ election program for the parliamentary elections of 22 November.

“We are changing course and moving towards a living environment that no longer makes us sick, but healthy. Companies are no longer allowed to discharge environmental substances into the water or emit them into the air,” says Member of Parliament Christine Teunissen, also chair of the program committee. “Tata Steel may only continue to exist if it is made clear in the short term how the company will become clean, climate neutral and circular in 2030.”

Stop building biomass plants

The party wants a Ministry of Climate and Biodiversity and a press conference by the Prime Minister on climate every month. As far as the PvdD is concerned, there must also be a ban on burning biomass from wood and the construction of biomass plants must stop immediately.

Environmental damage must be settled in the price of products. The party wants stricter requirements for consumers and producers to regulate consumption. “A national plan with enforceable targets should reduce the amount of stuff we produce and consume,” the program committee writes.

New products should be made from as few materials as possible. Those materials must be reusable and the products themselves must last a long time and be easy to repair.


“Some proposals are radical, but that is a requirement,” says Teunissen. “The world is not doing well, and the political and social call for change is getting louder. And that change must happen now.”

Party leader Esther Ouwehand is the intended new party leader. She has been nominated by the board. On September 24, the members will meet for an election congress.

In the past few parliamentary elections, the party has grown steadily to the current six seats. In a poll at the end of last month, which could be called a political landslide due to the large gains made by Pieter Omtzigt’s new party NSC, the PvdD virtually gained two seats.

  • Esther Ouwehand wants to become Party for the Animals party leader again
  • Local residents report criminal offenses committed by Chemours
  • Mass claim against Tata Steel, local residents want compensation
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    On the way to TK2023

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