Parliament majority wants to receive asylum seekers outside the EU, for example in Rwanda

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Asylum seekers are given shelter on the MS Galaxy cruise ship in Amsterdam
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The Cabinet has been instructed by the House of Representatives to contact Denmark about setting up asylum seekers’ centers outside the European Union. Denmark wants to make a deal with Rwanda, for example, about receiving asylum seekers against payment. It is looking for partner countries for this.

A majority of opposition parties PVV, FvD, SGP, BBB, Groep Van Haga, Omtzigt and JA21 (which submitted the motion) and government parties VVD and CDA believe that this offers “promising opportunities” to solve the asylum crisis. Not only the reception, but also the procedure will then take place outside the EU.

The Danish parliament passed the law in 2021 to reduce the number of asylum applications through the deterrent effect. “If you apply for asylum in Denmark, you know that you will be sent to a country outside Europe,” says a spokesman for the Social Democratic ruling party. “So we hope that people will stop seeking asylum in Denmark.”

European Court of Human Rights

The United Kingdom has the same plan and has already made far-reaching agreements with Rwanda. In June last year, the first flight with asylum seekers who had entered illegally was due to depart. To the anger of the British government, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that this was not allowed. A new flight has not yet been scheduled.

VVD State Secretary for Asylum Affairs Van der Burg said earlier in a debate that the Netherlands will remain within the international agreements and treaties with possible Danish cooperation.

The Rwandan government opened the Hope Hostel for asylum seekers from the United Kingdom:

Asylum seekers from England are accommodated in the Rwandan Hope Hostel
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