Owners of stolen jewelery wanted in Team West

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The Hague/Rijswijk/Zoetermeer – Tonight the police are asking for your help in solving various cases. The investigation program Team West will pay attention tonight to an arrest of a home burglar, where jewelry was found that may have come from theft. Do you recognize this suspected stolen jewelry?

On Saturday, December 31, a man was arrested in The Hague who is suspected of multiple home burglaries. During the arrest, several suspected stolen jewelry was found. The jewelry is shown in the broadcast. The photos of the jewelry have all been given a number. Do you recognize jewelry? Then let us know. You can do this via the tip form or by calling 0900-8844.

Burglary van Rijswijk

On Tuesday, November 15, around 3:30 a.m., a delivery van at Metelkamperstraat in Rijswijk was broken into. The owner of the Fiat van was asleep at the time. Batteries, a sander and a vacuum cleaner were taken away in this burglary. The burglary was captured on CCTV. The images clearly show that the burglar puts the removed vacuum cleaner on the luggage carrier of his bicycle and drives away. It is quite possible that the burglar has put the other stolen goods in his panniers. The burglar then drove away in the direction of the Prinses Beatrixlaan. Who recognizes this burglar?

Burglaries in the same house in Zoetermeer

On Saturday, December 31 and Monday, January 2, the same house on Middelweg in Zoetermeer was broken into. The first time, two burglars tried to open the safe in the house, but they failed. The second time, three burglars came back and broke the seal that was made after the first break-in with great force and then entered the house. The residents were not home at either time. During the second burglary, the burglars tried to open the safe with a grinder, but again failed to open the safe. The burglars did take two watches, a Seiko Kenetic and an Apple Watch 6. Of the five burglars, at least one was present at both burglaries. After the second burglary, the burglars drove off in an Audi RS6. Camera images of the burglars are shown in the broadcast. Do you recognize them?

Do you have information on any of the cases?

Call your tips via the free detection tip line 0800-6070 or call Anonymous Crime Report on 0800-7000. Team West can be seen at Omroep West at 5 p.m. The broadcast is then repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated one more time.

Call the Investigation Tip Line


Information source: Politie.nl

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