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Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:

Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel

Open application

Apply no later than Sunday, October 13, 2024

  • Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Otherwise

Job offer

Have you not been able to find the ideal vacancy, but do you expect to be of added value to the municipality of Capelle? We would also like to get in touch with you. Who knows, a suitable vacancy may become available in the near future. You will not be the first to work with us through an open application.

More information about this vacancy?

Contact the recruitment department of the Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel (

+31 10 284 8303)

About the organization

More than 67,000 Capellen residents live in the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. The city has seven districts and is a stone’s throw from Rotterdam.

Society is changing increasingly faster. The developments require us as a municipality to change along with them. Only in this way can we (continue to) meet the interests, needs and wishes of residents, companies and institutions in our city in the future. Because that is our mission: We are there for the people of Capellen and for our companies, associations and institutions. Together with them, we ensure that Capelle remains a beautiful, social and sustainable city where it is good to live, work and recreate. Where everyone can participate in society and where residents themselves contribute to a pleasant living environment. In other words:

We do it together; for and with the people of Capellen!

How do we do this?

  • We are available to all Capellen residents
  • We are a transparent and honest organization that encourages initiatives
  • Courage and decisiveness distinguish us
  • We take collaboration for granted
  • Craftsmanship and the drive to continue developing characterize us
  • We have the basics in order and innovation comes first
  • We are a sustainable organization

Capelle is a Rainbow municipality. Diversity and inclusion are important to us. Councilor Marc Wilson: “Saying that you can be who you are and love who you want is not enough: we must ensure that you really feel safe enough to be who you are.”

Would you also like to come and work with us? Together with you we make a difference in Capelle!

More information

Visit for all our vacancies. Still have questions? Contact our recruiter, Chantal Gouwen via or T 06 25 38 51 45.

more about the Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel >


River Road 111

2903 AR Capelle aan den IJssel

06 25 38 51 45

This job is posted on Click here to apply.

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