Onno de Jong again lawyer for key witness Nabil B. in Marengo trial 11:20 in Binnenland De Jong and his colleague Peter Schouten have assisted Nabil B. since 2020, but resigned from the defense in 2023 for unknown reasons.

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Lawyer Onno de Jong
NOS News

Lawyer Onno de Jong again defends Nabil B., the key witness in the extensive Marengo liquidation process. De Jong confirmed this to NOS.

De Jong and his colleague Peter Schouten have assisted Nabil B. since 2020. Both lawyers filed their defense in March this year. Why has not been disclosed. Because of professional secrecy, they could not say anything about it.

B. has been without legal assistance since then. He has not reported why De Jong is now taking on B.’s defense again. It also remains unclear why Schouten does not return.


Nabil B. was part of the organization of main suspect Ridouan Taghi, but went to the police in 2017 after a mistaken murder. There he made statements about liquidations. When that came out in March 2018, his brother was shot dead.

In 2019 his lawyer Derk Wiersum was shot dead and in July 2021 his confidant Peter R. de Vries. These murders are not officially part of the Marengo process, but are seen as an integral part of it.

Marengo process

The Marengo process has been running for years and is now in its final phase. Crown witness Nabil B. still has the chance for a final reaction (rejoinder) and last word. After two postponements, that is scheduled for September 22 in De Bunker in Amsterdam-Osdorp. B. will be there with his ‘new’ lawyer.

It is not yet clear when the court will rule in the Marengo trial. The verdict was initially scheduled for October 20, but in July the court announced that it had been postponed indefinitely due to “the complexity of the deliberations in the various cases”.

Taghi and two co-defendants were also without lawyers for a while because of the arrest of lawyer Inez Weski last April. They now also have new lawyers. The Public Prosecution Service has demanded life imprisonment for all three suspects.

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