‘One of the main perpetrators of diamond theft Schiphol arrested in Ibiza’

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'One of the main perpetrators of diamond theft Schiphol arrested in Ibiza'

A man convicted for his important role in the diamond heist at Schiphol in 2005 has been arrested in Ibiza. According to De Telegraaf, this concerns Errol HV, who was sentenced to 9.5 years in prison on appeal in 2021 for his role in the robbery.

(Image Paul Hartendorf/NOS)

KLM van

The robbery was carried out by a group of men who drove a KLM van on the tarmac to a plane that would fly valuable cargo to Antwerp. Armed, they waited for a valuables transport that would take the jewelry to the plane.

The van driver was overpowered and robbers fled the scene. About half of the diamonds and jewelry worth approximately 70 million euros have been recovered.

New information

In 2005, August B. was arrested and later several others. But they were released again in 2006.

In 2017, seven people were arrested based on new information. One of him was again August B. who was arrested in Valencia. Erik P., Marlon D., the then 41-year-old Errol HV, the 39-year-old RTH and the 37-year-old EL were also among the suspects. One of the suspects worked at KLM.

Undercover action

The police had launched an undercover operation to solve the case, but later in 2017 the suspects were released again because the court saw insufficient evidence. Four suspects eventually came to trial. August B. had driven a getaway car, he died in 2018.

Errol HV was given a seven-year prison sentence by the court in 2019 after a nine-year demand. Co-suspect Marlon D. was sentenced to 6 years in prison. He rode together in the money transport van next to Errol HV

In 2009, an assassination attempt was made on D., but he survived. Marlon D. is the brother of No Surrender captain Brian D., who was murdered in October 2015 in a holiday home in Hooge Zwaluwe.

9.5 years

On appeal, the suspects received higher sentences. HV and D. received 9.5 years in prison, but they were allowed to await their appeal in freedom and did not report to serve the sentence.

In October 2023, the Supreme Court confirmed the judgment. Last December, Marlon D. was arrested in Amsterdam.

Professional robber Errol HV never made a statement.

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