On-board radios GP Bahrain | Alonso in his element: ‘Yes! Bye-bye!’

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The first race of the season in Bahrain provided many high-profile moments. For example, Max Verstappen drove carefree to victory, Mercedes had problems with the tires, it was Charles Leclerc who saw his engine fail and Carlos Sainz who could not find the pace. Fernando Alonso was in his element and he showed it. F1Maximum has listed the nicest on-board radios for you.

Verstappen drove carefree to victory, and therefore had everything under control in the car, although there were minor problems. “When downshifting, the rear of the car gets a bit stuck,” Verstappen said early in the race. When he made some adjustments and was asked how things were now, his answer was that it wasn’t great. “Manageable, but still not good,” said the Dutchman, who indicated afterwards that it was nothing serious. ‘The front left is starting to give up’, was the only less positive thing that could be heard on the two-time world champion’s on-board radio.

Mercedes tire problems

At the beginning of the game, George Russell seemed to have everything under control. “Is Lewis managing or is he slow? Because I think I have more’, it sounded from the cockpit of the Briton, but it soon became clear that the tires were going to be a problem for him. “The tires are gone, we have to think about a pit stop.” Later in the race, Hamilton seemed to have the same problem, because after he first asked his engineer: ‘Let me know what to do, should I go faster?’, his tires soon gave up and Carlos Sainz was unable to don’t put fire to the shins anymore.

Ferrari also had problems

‘No, no, no, what’s happening? No power.’ No, this is not an on-board radio from 2022. Charles Leclerc immediately had problems with the engine during the first Grand Prix of the new season and retired, and teammate Sainz also did not have a happy first race. “If I push to defend, I may not make it to the end,” he said before the duel with Alonso. The Spaniard then attacked hard and there was light contact. “He hit me,” said Sainz like the chickens, but the contact was not worth mentioning. When Hamilton also came close, the Ferrari driver started looking for other things. “Why do I bounce so much?” Sainz said, with whom the pace was not exactly present anyway.

Alonso in his element

Alonso’s race could have ended very differently if the contact with Stroll had killed him on the first lap. “I was hit in turn four, they can’t do that!” it sounded, but after that the Spaniard was completely in his element. Mercedes was fodder for him. “They have more degradation, so let’s think how we can use this and get closer,” he said. After an overtake on Sainz it sounded, ‘Yes! Bye-bye!’ over the on-board radio and even when he was third he had everything under control. “I’m on level 7 and dodging the curbs, let me know if the situation changes behind me.” He said at the end of the race that the Spaniard was having a good time in the Aston Martin. “This is a wonderful car to drive.”

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