On-board radio | Pérez not happy with pushing Verstappen: “Guys, this is not necessary”

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On-board radio |  Pérez not happy with pushing Verstappen: “Guys, this is not necessary”

The battle for the fastest race lap caused quite a few tongues after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. For example, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez were exchanging pennies for a long time, until the moment that both drivers had to slow down slightly. The Dutchman was still chasing his teammate in the hope of taking over first place, and then decided, just like in Bahrain, to ignore the instructions about the lap time to be driven. This led to frustration for Pérez, who felt forced to drive faster than necessary.

Both Red Bull drivers thought they had problems with the drive shaft again, the problem that cost Verstappen his qualifying on Saturday in Jeddah. Since the Red Bulls were going much faster than the competition and the lead was already considerable, the team decided to set a target time of 1:33.0, which was a tenth faster than the times set by the closest pursuer, Fernando Alonso, at the time. to note. Hugh Bird, Pérez’s engineer, indicated this for the first time in lap 39. “Okay, back to target time. We respond to Alonso. He drives 33.1.’

It was at the same time that Verstappen’s engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, also announced the target time to his driver for the first time, after a short conversation about the problems the Dutchman thought he felt with the drive shaft. ‘Okay, understood. Okay, target time 33.0, 33.0.’ Then it remained silent. Verstappen seemed to disagree with his engineer and there was no response. Lambiase made another attempt one lap later. “The target time is 33.0.” Again no response. “Max, please confirm, 33.0.” It still remained silent.

Pérez not happy with Verstappen

While Verstappen’s engineer emphasizes once again that the lap time should be ‘33.0, 33.0’, Bird also makes himself heard again. Pérez’s engineer sees that the Mexican is also not fully keeping to the time and is driving four tenths too fast. ‘Goal 32.6 + 0.4’, that’s how the number eleven is attributed. ‘Does Max do the same?’, Pérez asks very suspiciously, after which his engineer says that Verstappen is also going faster than asked. ‘Max’ last lap is 32.6.’ An indignant Pérez immediately asks: ‘Then why do you say 33.0?’ Bird dodges the question. “Just target plus four, you are doing well.” Still, the driver is not happy with the answer. “We push for no reason guys, that’s not smart.”

Pérez already feels the mood of an approaching Verstappen and therefore decides to keep his 32.6. “Your lap 32.6. Max’s lap 32.6.’, Bird tells him, after which the Mexican again expresses his displeasure. “Guys this is really not necessary.” Once again, Bird chooses to evade replying to the comment. “Eight laps to go.” Pérez then decides to propose himself to drive the requested lap time, both of them. “Let’s just do 33.0.”

Free to push

In lap 43, Lambiase tries again at Verstappen to get the pace down. ‘Max, can you aim for 33.0?’, but again it remains silent from the number one RB19. Meanwhile, Pérez is starting to worry about his lead over the Dutchman. ‘What’s the hole?’, he asks his engineer. Bird replies, “The gap is 4.3 seconds.” Then the Mexican seems fed up. ‘Are we going to push now?’, after which his engineer also gives up the battle for the requested lap time. “You’re free to push. Free to push.’

In the meantime, Verstappen also seems to be serious about closing the gap, but the Dutchman seemed to accept that this would no longer be possible after a message from Lambiase in lap 45. ‘You still have 5 laps to go. The gap is 5 seconds.’ So the two-time world champion shifted his attention to something else, with which he could score an extra point. ‘What is the fastest lap?’, he asked his engineer, who, knowing that it was in the hands of Pérez, initially seemed unwilling to answer. “We’re not worried about that at the moment, Max.” Verstappen disagreed. “Yes, but I do,” he said, after which Lambiase admitted: “The fastest lap is 32.1, 32.1.”

Irritation at Pérez after losing fastest lap

In lap 45, Bird informed his driver that Verstappen now seemed to have resigned himself to the time of 33.0. When lap 48 arrived, Pérez also started thinking about an extra point. “What’s the fastest lap at the moment?” he asked his engineer. You have the fastest lap. That’s a 32.1.” Pérez therefore decided not to accelerate anymore and with the idea that Verstappen also drove the requested lap times, the Mexican probably also thought he was the winner in that battle. Nothing turned out to be less true.

After the Mexican had finished, he asked his engineer if he had succeeded. ‘We ended up having the fastest lap or?’ Bird then had to tell him that it was no longer in his possession. “It was taken from you in the last lap…”, said the engineer, who did not say that it was Verstappen who had taken over the point from him, and thus also retained the lead in the world championship at the expense of the Mexican . The latter seemed to have suspected in his answer that it was his teammate who had taken the fastest lap from him. ‘Ahh great…’, it sounded cynically.

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