“OM: suspects film attack Peter R. already busy with new murder”

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According to the Public Prosecution Service, the two men who are suspected of having filmed immediately after the assassination attempt on Peter R. de Vries were called in for a new murder more than a month later. The Algemeen Dagblad writes that the Public Prosecution Service does not know why that plan ultimately fell through.


On Tuesday morning, the court in Amsterdam held a fourth preparatory hearing in the case against the perpetrators of the attack.

Erickson O. (28). and Gerower MC (27) are suspected of filming. According to the Public Prosecution Service, they communicated in chats about, among other things, a ‘clean car’.

Justice thinks that after De Vries, someone in the criminal environment apparently had to be liquidated. That evidence would be on seized phones.


On the day of the attack on De Vries, the two drove from Rotterdam to Amsterdam at the same time as the suspected shooter Delano G. and his driver Kamiel E. (37), but in a different car.

They kept an eye on the exit of the RTL Boulevard television studio from a McDonald’s restaurant, where De Vries was working.

The OM believes that the group of performers and the man who allegedly directed them, Krystian M., formed a partnership and committed a terrorist act.

The case is not expected to be dealt with substantively until early next year. The next pro forma hearing is on November 30.

A new suspect has recently been arrested in the investigation.

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