‘OM: suspected Amsterdam businessmen had ties to Taghi’

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'OM: suspected Amsterdam businessmen had ties to Taghi'

This week, hearings began in the court in Amsterdam in the 26Dunbar trial against suspects of drug trafficking and money laundering who are alleged to be linked to Ridouan Taghi, who has been sentenced to life in prison. Het Parool paints a portrait of these men, who were successful in business life in the upper world.


According to the judiciary, the brothers Mohamed (48) and Brahem K. (46) from Amsterdam-Osdorp, and three co-suspects, had close ties with Taghi. Mohamed K. had a clothing store in Utrechtsestraat and an Islamic butcher’s shop near Waterlooplein. The headquarters of his many companies were located on an industrial estate in East Amsterdam.


Suspect Wilbert P. (47) from Utrecht was the owner of music label El Chapo Productions, also located in Dubai. Until a few years ago, rappers Boef, Lijpe and Ismo were under contract there. Jamal Taghi, Ridouan’s eldest son, was linked to El Chapo, according to justice. He is now in detention in Dubai. The Netherlands has requested extradition, but this has not yet happened.


The evidence in the case has been distilled from the hundreds of millions of messages from messaging services Ennetcom, EncroChat and Sky ECC that were hacked by the police. According to the police, Mohamed K. hid behind the alias ‘JLS’, a reference to his clothing store in Utrechtsestraat. Ridouan Taghi is said to have communicated with him under the alias ‘Ice’. Justice concludes from the messages that K. provided services for Taghi.

The K. brothers are also held responsible for drug transports to Latvia.


An address of a company owned by Mohamed K. in Doorn also appears in the Eris liquidation case. A man suspected of hashish trafficking also lived in the house. In the Eris trial, suspects were convicted of shooting at that house.

K. also appears in the case of the Hague municipal official who provided false passports to criminals, such as Flor B. and Ridouan Taghi. She also gave him a passport with a different identity.

The five suspects are free to await the outcome of their trial.

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