OM prosecutes inland shipping skipper after fatal accident on the Lek near Ameide 13:45 in Regional News Last summer, a 35-year-old woman was killed in a collision.

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Accident on the Lek near Ameide

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In a fatal accident on the Lek near Ameide last summer, mistakes were made by the skippers of an inland vessel and a pleasure craft. That is what the Public Prosecution Service says. A woman was killed in a collision between the two boats.

The accident happened on August 5 last year. The pleasure yacht was run over by the freighter. The 35-year-old woman was killed, the other passengers of the yacht managed to get to the side independently. Her body was recovered the day after the accident. The ship sank after the accident.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, police investigations show that both skippers made mistakes that “contributed to the fatal accident”.

Justice has announced that it will only prosecute the skipper of the inland vessel. The skipper of the pleasure yacht will not be prosecuted. This skipper was the partner of the deceased woman. Partly due to the loss, the OM has chosen to dismiss that case, reports RTV Utrecht.

It is not yet known when a hearing will take place in the case of the inland waterway skipper.

  • Body of woman missing after collision found in sunken boat
  • Search for missing person after collision on the Lek continues tomorrow
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