OM: Filmers attack Peter R. de Vries were busy with a new liquidation

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Peter R. de Vries
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The two men who made and circulated a video of the shot Peter R. de Vries, were involved in the preparations for another liquidation a month later. The Public Prosecution Service said this today at a new hearing in the case of the murder of De Vries.

The new attack was not carried out for unknown reasons. The target may have been someone in the criminal environment. Intercepted messages stated that there was “war” with this person.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, suspects Gerower M. and Erickson O. asked for a moped, two black helmets and a getaway car in August 2021. They would have kept an eye on the target and a weapon would also have been delivered to them.

Shock effect

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the two were directed by the same man who would have instructed them a month earlier to make recordings of the attack on Peter R. de Vries.

Gerower M. and Erickson O. were then waiting at the scene where the crime reporter was shot. One of them made a video shortly after shooting. The OM thinks they had to make images to increase the shock effect.

The Public Prosecution Service considers the attack on De Vries to be a terrorist act, because it was allegedly intended to frighten society. The prosecutor said today that the filmers and perpetrators of the murder had contact with each other beforehand.

Lawyers think the terrorist motive is nonsense. Counsel Vito Shukrula said that people often make videos of incidents. He was also annoyed that Ridouan Taghi is referred to as the client. “For example, we cannot rule out that this attack comes from Holleeder,” he said.

Nine suspects

In total there are nine suspects who would have been involved in the murder of De Vries to a greater or lesser extent. Seven suspects are said to have formed a criminal organization that was out to commit serious violence with a terrorist objective.

The Public Prosecution Service wants to demonstrate that these suspects worked together on several occasions. That is why preparing a new liquidation is also charged, just like the assault of a man in IJsselstein.

More than a week ago, the police in Eindhoven arrested a Polish man who had been wanted for a long time, but there is too little evidence that he was actually involved in the attack on Peter R. de Vries.

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