OM demands up to nine years for complicity in the murder of Endstra

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OM demands up to nine years for complicity in the murder of Endstra

On appeal, the Public Prosecution Service demanded prison sentences of eight and nine years against Ali N. (38), Özgür C. (43) and Ziya G. (for the execution of the murder of the criminal real estate dealer Wim Endstra (in 2004) on Friday) 49). The Public Prosecution Service believes that they were complicity in the murder and shooting of Endstra’s companion on the Apollolaan in Amsterdam, in front of Endstra’s office, on 17 May 2004. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the shooter died of natural causes in jail.


Willem Holleeder has been convicted of being the principal for the murder. The shooter is said to have been Russian Natik Abbasov.

A week and a half after the attack, a stolen red van was found near Endstra’s office. In the bus, next to traces of Abbasov, a parking ticket was found that had been bought on the morning of the murder. The card contained a fingerprint of Özgür C.. A hair with DNA material from the same suspect was found on the driver’s seat.

A few months after the murder, a blue Alfa Romeo, also stolen, was found in Amsterdam containing the murder weapon and Abbasov’s coat. His DNA was also found on casings found at the crime scene. According to the OM, it is beyond reasonable doubt that Abbasov was the shooter.


In the opinion of the Public Prosecution Service, the three men who are on trial are part of the middle part of the implementation chain. They are accused of complicity in the attack, because, according to the Public Prosecution Service, they were helpful in its preparation and execution. The court acquitted them earlier because it was insufficiently established what they would have done on the morning of the murder. The Public Prosecution Service then demanded double sentences because it assumed co-perpetration of murder. After the acquittal, the Public Prosecution Service appealed, and now assumes complicity.


According to the Public Prosecution Service, the three suspects had committed acts in the months prior to the attack that made them accomplices. For example, they provided shelter for Abbasov after his arrival in the Netherlands. They also picked him up dozens of times by car. The Public Prosecution Service believes that the suspects can also be linked to the two stolen vehicles.

Connection to other murder cases

New documents have been requested on appeal, which include the connection between the murder of Endstra and the murders of John Mieremet (2005, Thailand) and Hakki Yesilkagit (2006, Tilburg). The three suspects appear in the investigation into the murder of Endstra, but also in one of the other two investigations or in both other investigations. For example, it appears that Ali N. was also in Thailand at the time of Mieremet’s murder, just like Abbasov. A day after the murder, N. flew back to the Netherlands.

The OM states that the connections that can be made between the three murders provide supporting evidence for the involvement of the three suspects in the facts on May 17, 2004.

Özgür C. was also arrested for the murder of Mieremet.

Dino Soerel (62), who already received a life sentence in the Passage trial, and Donald G. (59) are also suspected of ordering the murder of Wim Endstra. There are also a number of other persons suspected of the murder by the Public Prosecution Service who have not been brought to justice.

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