OM demands TBS against patient who stabbed GP in The Hague 13:10 in Binnenland According to experts, the perpetrator was completely insane because he was in a psychosis.

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The Public Prosecution Service is not demanding a prison sentence, but TBS with compulsory treatment against the man who allegedly stabbed his GP in a practice in The Hague last February.

According to experts, the man was completely insane, because he was in a psychosis. The Public Prosecution Service accepts this conclusion and therefore does not demand a prison sentence against Michaël R.

The 39-year-old man is suspected of stabbing the doctor during an appointment at Zuiderpark Huisartsen. The doctor was seriously injured and can no longer work as a doctor. A statement from the victim was read in court this morning.

“Without saying anything, you stabbed me when we were almost done. You stabbed me twice in the stomach. I could just stop the third with my arm. You walked away as if nothing had happened,” one could hear in the statement. “I can hardly blame you, but I am angry,” said the doctor.

During the session it turned out that the doctor barely survived the attack, Omroep West writes. Today he once again thanked everyone who helped him.

Problems with alcohol and drugs

The perpetrator was arrested shortly after the stabbing. Several weapons were found at his home, such as a samurai sword and an air rifle. R. stated this morning that things had been going badly for him for a long time. He had problems with alcohol and smoking weed, among other things, and felt that he was not being helped enough in the general practice.

The court will rule in two weeks.

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